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Fast repair iPhone’s tech problems by yourself

IPhone is a very powerful tool that enriches our life. As one of the most popular devices in history, there are still some very common problems that cause the bad experience, especially with a refurbished iPhone. Fortunately, most of the common problems the iPhone has are easy to fix.

The first common thing will happen to a used problem is nonresponse. This problem is really a frustration. When you watch a video or play a game will just make the problem worst. Sometimes the movement on the will slow down and even suddenly stuck. Some worst scenario, perhaps you weren’t using the phone at all, but when you want to make a call and couldn’t get it to do anything. Before you contact Apple or your cell phone carrier, there is something you can try first. Try pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time for about fifteen seconds, and you should see the Apple logo appear on the screen and the iPhone boot like normal. If it does not work then you should contact a specialist. Stuck Power Button is another common and easy-to-fix iPhone problem. If you find yourself in this position of the stuck Power button which is incredibly frustrating. Spraying compressed air into where the button rests with the device is a quick fix and it should be enough to fix the issue in some cases, but severe cases may require disassembling the device.

Insufficient Storage Space is typically an issue with larger applications and either initial downloads or subsequent updates to them. You’ll try to download the app or update and receive an error about having insufficient storage space. You check the size of the app, then look at your Settings app and realize you have more than enough space to download it – so what is the problem. Apple actually requires the device to have a certain amount more storage available than a download will actually require. The easiest fix is to delete some albums from your phone in order to get the download going, and then just get back the deleted music after the download. Sometimes you will caught a problem that even with a SIM card inside your refurbished iPhone 5 32gb, there will be “No SIM Card” pop out on your screen. This is an issue that only began to occur with the iPhone 5 and its support for high-speed LTE networks, although it did happen from time to time on GSM variants of older iPhones. From time to time, your iPhone might display “No SIM” or a similar error in the upper-left hand corner where signal strength is usually displayed. It’s unclear exactly what causes this, as it could be a glitch in iOS or simply a hardware defect in the SIM card reader. Either way, the easiest resolution is to shut down the phone, replace the SIM card and reboot the iPhone. The problem should be fixed now. If the notification is still there, then you might think about change to a new SIM card.

As you can see, many of the most common problems of the iPhone is easy to solve. There is absolutely no need for you to be panic when it happens. You may even don’t have to be a technician to repair an iPhone, all you need is a decent resource to find the available solutions.

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