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Essentials In Bridal Jewellery

Cultural essence, intricate designs and a visual appeal in Asian bridal jewellery has always grabbed everyone attention. The wedding is the most auspicious and beautiful occasion in every woman’s life. Jewellery is of a great significance and takes the beauty of the bride into a completely next level. These days with a wide variety people all over the world adorn the designs and concepts.

Now a day’s jewellery is not only made by using single metal however with the use of platinum, gold and silver. There are a number of colourful designs with sparkling effects like Kundan. Brides generally go for mixed metal jewellery by making alterations as pert their attire.

Few of the most important jewellery in an Indian wedding are,

  1. Maang tikka – It is used to fill up the centre parting of the woman hair. These are available in sizes as per the bride’s forehead.
  2. Earrings – Earnings are worn during the entire wedding ceremony. The size of the earning can differ as per the comfort of the wearer
  3. Bangles – Traditionally glass bangles are worn on the wedding day however it is compliment with gold and diamonds to add the much-needed sparkle
  4. Finger rings – An engagement ring has to be part of the wedding jewellery however one can wear a number of rings as per taste
  5. Waistband – These have come in vogue and brides have started wearing them as a part of the entire jewellery
  6. Anklets – These are not only worn on the wedding day however even after the wedding as it signifies the traditional values
  7. Mangalsutra – the most important jewellery that is placed by the groom in the bride’s neck on the day of wedding
  8. Nose rings – A nose ring always seta charm of the bride’s face. There are ample to design available to choose from

Indian wedding jewellery is tradition and not a fashion. It is a perfect balance between elegance and sophistication and making a choice is not an easy task. Here are some tips that one can consider before making a choice.

  1. Start shopping much in advance, at least 6 months before the actual date
  2. Ensure the clothes are shopped first and then the jewellery
  3. Try interchanging pieces which are readily available in the market
  4. Don’t look at only brands at times even the local jeweller made have something that can please you
  5. Keep the hairstyle in mind
  6. A style that looks good on your friend or model may not always look good on you
  7. Budget it and keep an amount aside

As we all know Indian jewellery pieces remain evergreen and will pass on to the next generation thus is very important to take care of them and clean them periodically.

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