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Do A Shiatsu Healing Course To Make A Bright Career In Natural Healing

In today’s world, people look for natural way to have healing and the number of the people looking for such a way is on a fast rise. Shiatsu healing is one of the available natural healing processes. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, its training makes you learn how to use your fingers and palms pressure to stimulate acupuncture energetic pathways or meridian on the body. The patients in return have improved blood circulation, stress relief, relaxation and wellness.

Career at a glance

The sessions of shiatsu healing courses normally start with an evaluation of the patient’s condition. This is done through interaction and observation. During the therapy, you, the practitioner, apply your finger, thumb or palm pressure in a steady rhythmic sequence to specific areas of your patient’s body and this enables your patient to have relief from a health condition and specific pain. You have to apply varied different techniques like tapping, squeezing, rubbing and applied pressure.

Training and Education

You know the training & education for shiatsu healing differs from one institute to another. However, your training course would cover the following topics:

  • Body Reading
  • 5 Movements Elements
  • Oriental Diagnosis
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Comparative Nutrition
  • Herbology and Aromatherapy Introduction
  • Compassionate/ Client Communication and Ethics
  • Chinese Astrology Feng Shui
  • Water Zen-Touch

Average Study Length

Based on the shiatsu healing courses, the training session lasts for 100 to 1000 hours. The training includes theoretical and practical classes. Normally, you can have to invest two to three years for the completion of a course in this healing art. You can ask for evening or weekend classes.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee differs from one course (beginner, intermediate or advanced) to another and from one institute to another. It can cost you from 225 to 600 USD. You must be clear about the fee and the payment option before getting enrolled.

Requirement & Certification

You need not to have a proper certification to pursue one of shiatsu healing courses. It is essential for you to get a license to start your practice as your complete your training in your selected course.

Have an in-depth research about the schools or institutes offering training in this healing art, if you are willing to get trained. This will help you to fulfill your personal as well as professional needs.

Shiatsu healing is a great natural way to have a balance in the body’s energy flow. As the number of people looking for this healing is on a fast rise so, there is bright career opportunity after completing a course in this healing art.

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