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Designer Window Blinds

A pair of venetian blinds from Consol blinds online perfectly embodies function and form.  Roller blinds tend to be made from fabric that is sometimes treated to ensure that it keeps out all light (often referred to as block out), and at other times is quite sheer, so that you have the option of filtering the light and maintaining privacy while still letting in some sun and daylight.

Consol blinds online is the leading Australian blinds company which manufactures supplies and fits the widest range of made-to-measure indoor and outdoor blinds, including patio roller blinds, café blinds, alfresco blinds, shutters and awnings in an astonishingly broad array of colors, fabrics, materials and with factory-direct prices.

Our made-to-measure service means that your finished Venetian blinds will fit your windows and doors perfectly, whether you’re buying a small blind for a bathroom, blinds to fit a bay window, or a whole host of blinds for a conservatory or glass extension.

Slat size is a personal choice but, as with all types of slatted blinds, the wider the slat, the less room the blind will take up when the blind is fully pulled up. All aluminium venetian blinds can be pulled up to the top of your window and can be adjusted horizontally to eliminate direct sunlight and glare.

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