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Cycle Shelters Ideal for Bike Safety

Lock it-safe is part of a network of specialist websites committed to supplying you with high quality, competitively priced cycle shelters, cycle racks & stands and cycle compounds, Two tier bike racks which are delivered quickly and directly to you. With a vast range of cycle shelters and other products available we will provide you with a cycle parking solution to suit any requirement.

Covered bike shelters can be an ideal additional feature for an establishment. They can be fitted in a range of locations, enabling you to make best use of the extra space around your buildings. In addition to providing a secure bike-storage area, they also offer cyclists and their bicycles protection from the elements. Our bike canopy shelters are built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Cycle Shelter with its integrated cycle stands is not only one of the best priced cycle shelters on the market but one of the most stylish. With the integrated cycle hoops you don’t get all the leaves and empty crisp packets gathering. Shelter Solutions offer a full site bike shed installation service. This was just a grassed area that the children had walked on – it was a muddy mess; now they have a modern cycle shed and healthier children!

Lock it-safe is a patented bike storage locker system that allows cyclists to safely secure their bicycles away from thieves and vandals. The cycle locker unit comes with a wall hoop securing the bike. Cycle Shelters Lockers are manufactured with galvanized steel with strengthening bars (also known as door ties) for added security. Lock it-safe is popular with housing associations and park and ride areas. For more information, please visit our site


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