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Corrupt Presidents And Conspiracy Theories- What Is Your Opinion?

Throughout literature, be it poems, essays or novels, Dante Alighieri’s ‘Inferno’, that describes the nine levels of hell in the Christian afterlife, has been famously cited and that too, with a great deal of success. So, let us refer to those nine levels of hell as well, when we broach the very brittle subject of corruption in presidency and conspiracy theories.

Dante says, the nine levels of hell are for the nine worst sins that mankind is capable of. Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery. Many people believe that our presidential candidates have done deeds that would get them a reserved place in a few or all of these rings of Hell that Dante describes in his ‘Inferno’.

Here we compile some of the famously hated and most corruptPresidents and their “cronies” to use the politically correct term, and the deeds as well as the ring of hell the conspiracy theorists believe they should be in.

1.Barack Obama:

Let us start with the most recent, fairly well-liked and the most dynamic of Presidents, shall we? It is said that even though Mr. Obama promised a transparent administration and strived for a popularly peaceful presidency, he also was the President that collected the highest amount of classified documents in the history of the USA. Some believe that Mr. Obama went after people who would be potential whistle-blowers and not only silenced them, but took spying on citizens to an entirely new level. So which hell would that get him? Violence? Treachery? Heresy? Maybe, all three, if what these theorists say is to be believed.

2.George Bush:

A speculated alcoholic and drug addict, George Bush is widely known for many of his mistakes that cost the USA not only her reputation but also a lot of money. Torture tactics and Spying, and construction of false wars was a foregone conclusion in this administration, say many. So which hell would Mr. Bush be subjected to? All nine, maybe?

3.Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney is somehow considered to be a man that should be subjected to the lowest most horrible rung of hell, along with all the others. In fact, this man is so hated that people have thought to describe a whole new level of hell for just people like him. A known alcoholic, with multiple registered DUI’s to his name, Cheney was also a highly paranoid man. His deeds give new meaning to George Orwell’s famous quote from Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others.”

These are just some of the examples that we have found and compiled. There is a lot more out there, if only you are willing to do a little research and try and connect the dots. But the question here is, are these really only conspiracy theories, or is there some truth to them? It is a citizen’s opinion on the matter, after all, that matters. So, what is your opinion?

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