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The correct approach should be to consult a professional Server Data Recovery service provider immediately.

Established in the year 2012, Dex Data Recovery Forensic has carved a niche amongst the most dominant names in the market. We are based at Pune, Maharashtra (India).

We are happy to introduce ourselves as a reliable and competent service provider of Data Recovery Dedicated Service. With offered portfolio, we are proficient in fulfilling and exceeding all relevant requirements of the clients. We are specialized in Data recovery from internal or external hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drive, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and all other electronics devices. For manufacturers, all warranty commitments are limited to hardware devices, that is, after the disk array failure caused by the data crisis has nothing to do with, responsible for the user to replace or repair has been considered “due diligence.” But the user needs is not to find the hard disk or rebuild RAID, but more valuable data.
According to the data recovery center of the competent engineers, because looking for service providers to repair the aftermath of the final data resulting in the destruction of the final case almost every week will happen. After all, after-sales service engineers are basically biased in favor of hardware, and RAID data recovery is based on software-based operations.

Protect the first scene: nothing to do the most secure

In addition, even a simple test operation, it may also for the late data recovery inconvenience. To ordinary RAID5 recovery, for example, when the hard disk damage beyond the fault tolerance, you must damage the hard disk image extraction in order to complete the final recovery. And if the frequent power on the hard disk, it is easy to cause further fatigue of the head damage, or even scratch the disc.

Super Recovery super hard disk data recovery software is the best recovery tool, using the latest data scanning engine, you can restore the deleted, formatted, partitioned, re-zoning or partition prompt formatted data. In the read-only way from the bottom of the disk to read the original sector data, through advanced data analysis algorithm, after scanning the lost directory and file in memory to re-establish the original partition and the original directory structure, the effect of data recovery very good.
The data recovery software supports IDE / SCSI / SATA / USB mobile hard disk / SD card / U disk / RAID disk and other storage media, support FAT / FAT32 / NTFS and other Windows operating system commonly used file system format, support Word / Excel / PowerPoint / AutoCad / CoreDraw / Photoshop / JPG / AVI / MPG / MP4 / 3GP / RMVB / PDF / WAV / ZIP / rar and other files recovery. Simple, guided interface to help you complete the recovery step by step, without the need to understand the data recovery deep complex knowledge can also easily restore valuable data.

Western data hard drive and mobile hard disk is everyone’s more common brand hard drive, so many people using Western Digital hard drive may encounter some similar hard disk problems or failures. This article will take you to understand the western data hard disk recovery related knowledge.

Compared to other data recovery software, the software also has the following super file recovery features:
(1) super anti-delete file recovery algorithm, for the FAT32 partition was Shift + Del deleted file perfect recovery, you can restore other software recovery out of damaged files. For the case of a file with a new file, the software can restore the file data in the remaining space of the disk by file header scan and restore the deleted data as much as possible.
(2) super anti-formatted partition recovery algorithm, for a formatted out of the partition when scanning, while scanning FAT / FAT32, NTFS and exFAT file system directory file, automatically rebuild the original partition in memory structure Recovery, without having to partition the cell back to the original type.
(3) super partition table scan recovery algorithm, any no partition or partition table damaged or re-partitioned hard disk, in a few minutes on the whole of the lightning scan partition information, listed all the partitions to restore. The scanned partition can be distinguished from the current normal partition and highlighted in blue bold. The algorithm for the Lightning Scanning partition can scan both the MBR partition table and the GPT partition table at the same time, saving a lot of time than other recovery.
Common Problem
How to download and install this hard disk file recovery software
Point above the “software download” button.
Will the browser pop up a “Do you want to run or save this file?” Dialog box, select the “Save” button and select a free directory to save the installer. If your computer has other download tools such as Flash Get or Thunder and other software, please pay special attention to the default directory of these download tools, do not download to the partition to be restored.
After the download is complete, double-click the installation package to install, please install to a free disk, do not install to the need to restore the disk. For example, D drive needs to be restored, then you can not install the software to the D drive.
After the installation is complete, run the super data recovery software installed directly, you can select the recovery mode to scan the data.
How to uninstall this hard disk file recovery software
Open the operating system’s control panel.
Click the “Add / Remove Programs” icon.
Select “Super Recovery super hard disk data recovery software” program.
Point “delete” button, press the wizard to complete the uninstall the software.


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