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Corporate Event Entertainment

Whether you are planning a large gala for your company and need. Combining that experience with an impressive track record of assisting companies corporate mentalist to increase productivity; generate millions in sales as a corporate trainer and speaker and decades of research on personal performance, psychology, and productivity provides Christopher Grace with a firm foundation to deliver usable strategies and applicable information that can help your group meet and beat the challenges they face professionally and personally.

A brilliant talking point that is suitable for nearly all occasions, our fantastic psychological mind reader Christopher Grace fuses together his complex understanding of corporate entertainment the nature and behaviour of the mind with theatrics for brilliant entertainment that will leave guests at your event speechless with amazement and laughter.

I appreciate that at some corporate events you may require something a bit more, something for the discerning audience, something that stands out from all other forms of entertainment yet still has a dramatic positive impact on your guests…it will entertain and amaze in a very unique way. For more information, please visit our site

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