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Corporate Entertainment USA

Green Light is a leading entertainment booking agency, offering premier corporate entertainment, are just a few of the long list of companies who have enjoyed Christopher Grace’s unique brand of entertainment at their esteemed corporate events.

Recognized as a funny and entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say, what makes Christopher Grace entertaining is his ability corporate mentalist to step beyond the usual power points and graphs that most corporate motivational speakers use to emphasize their messaging.

As an entertaining motivational speaker, Christopher Grace has worked throughout the United States and the world, captivating corporate and corporate mind reader univeristy audiences with his unique abilities as a psychic entertainer, corporate speaker, comic, hypnotist and workshop leader.

Whereas a traditional magician might rely on ‘sleight of hand’ to accomplish their tricks, a Mentalist, or in this case a Corporate Mind Reader will utilise an understanding of Psychology, Misdirection and ‘Sleight of Mind’ to achieve the desired effect of mind reading. For more information, please visit our site

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