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Construction Recruitment Agencies

We have found that we can sometimes achieve better controls by agreement and by being flexible, and so we have developed a Code Sheffield Construction of Practice for companies undertaking this work in order to ensure that disturbance, due to noise and vibration arising from construction and demolition works, is designed out and what is left is kept to an acceptable level without unnecessary restrictions on contractors. Our client requires a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer to join sit in their design team and manage multiple design projects, mentor junior staff and provide design expertise to their clients as well as the day to day duties of a Mechanical Design Engineer.

Career in construction commenced as a Management Trainee within a large Sheffield based Construction Company where, after training Construction in Sheffield and gaining the Higher National Certificate in Construction, he focused his career on Estimating and other Pre-Construction activities.

The new construction sector scheme is timely as there are so many new jobs that will be needed in the construction industry over the next five years – predicted to be many new jobs over the next five years, including many jobs across Yorkshire alone.

Made in Sheffield started many years ago with the aim to provide a high quality Ambassador Programme that takes students from local schools and places them builders Sheffield with employers from every employment sector to learn more about that industry and develop fundamental skills to equip them in their future career. For more information, please visit our site

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