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Construction Jobs in Sheffield

For the latest construction jobs in Sheffield make sure you contact Linear Recruitment, discover the leading construction recruitment agency in Sheffield today. Mark has many years experience in construction, Sheffield Construction having initially studied joinery at college then rising through the trades to become a valued Contracts Manager, naturally progressing to his appointment as Construction Director.

In return for this unprecedented access to exciting and new construction projects, ambassadors have been asked in return to represent their builders in UK school and the ‘Made in Sheffield’ programme at a series of events, and also to share their new knowledge and experience with their peers.

Working in both public and private sectors, we invite you to take a look at our areas of expertise and completed projects in the Commercial & Residential Sectors sections, along with just how our clients describe how they have found working with us and the results of our building work. It is hoped investment in these new facilities will provide a clear sense of place for STEM students and staff within facilitating a Construction in Sheffield strong academic community and a modern, engaging, collaborative learning environment that will enhance the experience of students across STEM courses.

We have been involved in a series of award-winning schemes and have extensive knowledge gained from our wide-ranging experience in a variety of sectors of the construction industry including education, commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare, retail, sports & leisure and civil engineering. As an established Sheffield building company, one of the main benefits of using us is that we have the resources builders in UK to offer a one-stop solution, this means we take your projects through from the initial planning stage, all the way through to the implementation and then ongoing property maintenance. For more information, please visit our site

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