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Consistent Sales – How to be effective

Consistent Sales is something every sales organization wants to have. There are a few small changes that you may have to make in your existing sales process in order to get to a state of consistency.

The steps are as follows:

Have a robust sales process in place

There should be a capture of the past successes and failures and a documentation of a sales process that should be adopted by the sales team and be followed. The purpose of the sales process is to ensure that the earlier experiences are referred to when a similar situation will happen in the future. This will help the sales cycle to become shorter and the similarity in situations be utilized well by the sales team.

Constantly keep filling the top of the funnel

Every sales organization should focus on filling the top of the funnel with adequate leads at the top of the funnel. In spite us being careful at multiple stages, anything can happen to the leads at the last moment and may not close for us. Hence, it is always good to have many leads than few leads.

Rapidly move the prospects across the funnel

The next aspect to watch out for is stagnancy of the leads at the same stage of the sales funnel at multiple stages. We should have some sort of milestones that we need to achieve as metrics. We should also keep a timeline in mind before which we should move the prospect from that stage to the next one as quick as possible. We should demote the prospect to an earlier stage if the movement is limited. This way, we can avoid having false positives that our pipe is full and know how many active leads are there which will help us go back and fill the top and the middle of the funnel with new leads.

Numbers perspective from a ratio and a sales cycle

Every stage of the sales cycle has ratios. We should be very clear about the ratios and should keep that many prospects active across each stage accordingly. We should also understand the sales cycle – Time of first exposure to Closure from a weeks or months perspective and should plan our projection of the closures accordingly.

Keep asking questions to find out if you should pursue or disqualify

Every prospect at multiple stages may want to opt out of the purchase from us for multiple reasons. We should constantly keep asking questions to qualify or disqualify the prospects so that we are in the know of what leads are likely to close this month or this quarter.

Agile Review mechanisms to be in place

You can’t manage if you can’t measure. Reviews should happen on a constant basis and ideas from multiple sources will give some good lateral views on how the opportunity can be handled and the deals can be closed. The Reviews should also focus on multiple stages of the sales cycle instead of just finding out how many leads and how many deals came that day or that week

Consistent sales will definitely happen if the points mentioned are being followed.

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