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Civil Engineering & Construction Sheffield

This free jobseeker service from Complete Construction Sheffield is specifically designed for the busy jobseeker.  When the ONS published figures last month showing a relatively strong GDP growth of 0.6% in the second quarter, it had estimated a more modest fall in construction output of 0.4%. The higher figure of 0.7% will, however, have no discernible impact on the GDP figures given that construction only accounts for about 6% of the UK economy.

Made in Sheffield started three years ago with the aim to provide a high quality Ambassador Programme that takes students from local schools and places them builders in Sheffield with employers from every employment sector; to learn more about that industry and develop fundamental skills to equip them in their future career. Offices, an exhibition hall and a ‘business incubator’ to enhance trade are earmarked for the first floor, while Sheffield Construction on the third floor there will be 700 student flats, capitalising on the growing number of international students coming to Sheffield.

Our client requires a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer to join sit in their design team and manage multiple design projects, mentor junior staff and provide design expertise to their clients as well as the day to day duties of a Mechanical Design Engineer. And just days before the Sheffield deal was signed there was a sudden change of plan, with the investment funds no longer coming from the public limited company Construction in Sheffield (PLC), under the control of shareholders, but from the parent company, Construction Group, under private ownership and the control. For more information, please visit our site

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