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Builders and Developers in Ahmedabad

As we complete one more financial year we are all waiting for a better tomorrow. On the Macro front there is not much good news from China, US, Europe, Japan. Brazil is in an economic mess. Growth is eluding India even though inflation has been benign for quite some time now. There is a clamour for a substantial rate cut now. The Public Sector Banks have lost lot of money by way of NPAs. This does not exude confidence in the system. There is wealth erosion all around in most asset classes. Gold gained some attention in the quarter gone by as a safe haven.

The much awaited and discussed RERA Bill has been passed and the broad contours suggest that it will be beneficial to consumers as it will give them clarity in their decision making process. There is a lot of onus on the state governments to formulate their own policy. There are still grey areas open to different interpretations but the bill is a move in the right direction. Initially Real Estate Developers will face issues in integrating all their past and current projects but overall it will help the organized players in the sector.

Sakariya has turned two. In the quarter gone we have successfully completed the coordination and execution at BAPS school, Gandhinagar. I congratulate our Project Team which has really worked hard on this Project.

We received all approvals with respect to Svayam Symphony & Svayam Sapphire our Projects at Anand. Latest Commercial Projects in Anand. I acknowledge Nirav for multi-tasking a lot during this period. Our marketing office is now getting a finishing touch at the site. The Grand Launch of our Project will happen on April 10th. The core team involved in coordinating the launch activities is looking forward to a successful event.

The event will have dignitaries and a lot of visitors for us to showcase our project. I look forward to all you participating fully with your time, attention and ideas.

Let us put our best foot forward and make it a success.

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