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Book Review: Piggy Boy’s Blue

Rating: ***.Author: Nakhane Touré.

Centered mostly on the protagonist, Davide M.,and his return to the town of his birth, the novel portrays a Xhosa royal family.
Set in exquisite prose that guides readers through the devastating knots of past and possibility, the book reads like pieces of a recurring dream. Characters flash in and out of the story like spirits. Toure’s debut novel, demonstrates the contradictions of life itself and forces us to face them.

Essentially, the novel is centered on the disastrous consequences of a man’s return to his Eastern Cape hometown of Alice. Although their spin is present, it is hard as a reader not to get swept up in the sensitively rendered sexual tension rather than in the fate of the story’s three main characters.

It seems that the entire story centers on grief, from family drama, illness, violence, etc., but it ends with a resolution to leave it behind. Ultimately, the story moved along the important confrontations between generations, homosexuality, violence, tradition and mental illness.

As much as the book is enjoyable, all the characters have a way of forcing one into disliking them. If you haven’t read the book yet, I would recommend you to do so. Every gay man needs to read it! There are a few adrenaline-filled moments that I believe are the greater parts of this book.

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Book Review: Piggy Boy’s Blue

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