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Beware! Pets without seat belts can cause invalidation of the car insurance policy

Vacationing or going out with our pets adds to the happy times as we explore the outdoors with our furry friends. Most of the pooches love this idea and enjoy the car drives, however; the owners need to be careful about the safety of the animals as well as other vehicles. As the law suggests, pets should have their seat belts on while in the car, otherwise, the owner falls into legal trouble. If anyone behind the wheel is allowing the pets to throw their heads outside the car window then it may result in invalidation of their car insurance policy.

You read that right; you can lose out on your car insurance policy if you are found doing any act that suggests irresponsible driving. In this case, unrestrained pets in the car are no exception and you are bound to an invalidation of motor insurance as the accident could easily pave the way to a five-figure bill. The repair cost of your vehicle, third party insurance and medical bills sum up to a whopping bill. Even if you have the cheapest pet insurance plan in the UK, you can lose it owing to careless driving habits. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the rules while driving with your pets.

Driving with animals rules that can save your car insurance policy:

According to the rule 58 of the Highway Code, “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”

By breaking this law in any which way, you are inviting accidents to yourself, the pet as well as fellow vehicle drivers. The pet can actually suffer severe injuries if they are not secured safely. In case, the vehicle suffers from collision then there are full chances that the pet may go through internal injuries which could be traumatic and life threatening. Why take risks? The law suggests that while driving with your pet, you must have a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage etc. to ensure that the animal does not disturb you while driving.

In addition, the pet should not roam around on the road during the trip breaks as it can be a potential threat for speeding cars and may result in accidents. Make sure your pet is on a leash and is restrained well to not roam around the place. If not then you would be considered as someone who triggered the accident and the car insurance claims could be easily rejected on the basis of irresponsible driving. Young drivers are often found driving in a playful mood with their pets and this is one of the reasons for the rejection of car insurance for young drivers, woman and pet lovers.

Some pets love to be in the front seat and you are allowed that only if the pet is restrained with a seat belt and does not disturb you while driving. Well, if this sounds too heavy then check out some simple tips for travelling with your pets.

Travelling with pets is easy if you follow the below tips:

Never drive with an unrestrained pet as the lovely animal can jump on you and pull you off balance.

Make sure that your pet has exercised well on the day you plan to drive it across.  This will keep him relaxed and reduce its anxiety levels.

Regular water breaks are necessary as animals may feel anxious in the car. Plan you trip well in advance so that you can break and drive without any hassle.

Do not leave your pet alone in the car as the temperature inside the vehicle can cause suffocation, heat stroke and death in worst conditions. This condition will invalidate your pet insurance policy as it is a common mistake pet owners make and is strictly prohibited in the UK. If you do not have pet insurance yet then it is advisable to compare pet insurance quotes and buy an all-inclusive pet insurance policy.

Ensure that your pooch is ready for the ride by practising smaller trips so that the four legged guy is comfortable in the car. If not then you are inviting big trouble as your bestie can give you a really tough time by being anxious and restless.

During breaks, make sure that the pet is restrained and is not roaming around the vehicle so that there are no accidents. Lastly, make sure that the pet is relaxed and happy while going out.

To sum up, you would certainly put yourself into big trouble if your pet is not restrained in the car. To avoid any accidents and to keep your car insurance intact, just be careful while driving. If you still don’t have a pet insurance then it is advisable to get one as it is the best financial arrangement for pets. For this, you can compare pet insurance quotes online and choose the discounted deals. Rely on FreePriceCompare to suggest the cheapest pet insurance plans the UK and make sure that you have the finances kept intact for your lovely pet.

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