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Best Stag Do Destinations in Latvia

Perfect for an action packed and booze fueled weekend in Riga, our mean machines package will blow you away!  Mind you, they got the last laugh-fiver a bottle for Becks piss. Lots of Finns turned up there at the weekend looking for cheap booze and a punch up or several. Alternatively there’s our Riga Locked and Loaded Package, where you and the rest of the stags will enjoy an exhilarating fire arms shooting experience, discover Riga’s best boozy hotspots and enjoy a cheeky visit to a lap dancing club in addition to transfers and accommodation. The city centre itself is amazingly compact and you can easily find many of the best venues on foot and booking with means your accommodation will Clubs in Riga be right in the heart of Riga city centre so even on a big night you will have a short journey back no matter how unsteady the ground has become.

But about troublemakers tell u one, we heard loads of talking about Riga that many irish male going to riga just for weekend or just for a lough when Stag Do Riga they piss on monuments or bulling to latvians just because they r british or irish, tell u just stay at home don’t bring your rubbish to latvia.

You can get a shared room for under a tenner a night and a cheap flight to Riga easily, so you have more money to spend on alcohol and Riga Stag Do things to do. Riga is a fantastic choice for stag parties abroad as the city has a thriving nightlife and beer for under a euro! For more information, please visit our site

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