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Best Multi Speciality hospital in Vadodara

Welcare Hospital is a Best Multi Speciality hospital in Vadodara and specialist in Best joint replacement in Vadodara. Welcare Hospital has managed to achieve, thanks to the visionary leadership of its director Dr. Bharat Mody, who is also the chief joint replacement surgeon of the hospital.

Generally, a joint replacement surgery is considered when there is severe damage to the joint, bones, surrounding muscles or tissues. It is recommended only after all other treatment options have failed. Surgical intervention is often the last resort in cases where the pain becomes too much or movements are severely restricted.

When joints wear away with age or get inflamed due to injuries, stress or trauma, pain, stiffness and swelling are natural. Unfortunately, these problems worsen with time, and in many cases, surgery is required. Only a doctor can say whether the condition is severe enough to warrant a replacement surgery. Typically, doctors try alternative methods like medication, braces and aids. But, as a rule, if there is too much pain and if movement is highly restricted, surgery is indicated.

Joint replacement surgery is a long procedure and is carried out under general anesthesia. It has a high success rate. Recovery depends on the patient more than the doctor once the surgery is through. Patients must follow doctor’s orders regarding rest, recuperation, diet and exercise.

    Welcare Hospital is a Best Multi-specialty Hospital in Gujarat and Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Vadodara.We are acknowledged nationally as one of the most respected and credible specialized health care facilities of India.

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