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Representing planet Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is a naturally occurring gemstone which is one of the most expensive gemstones when compared to the others. It is also known as Peetmani in some local dialects. Its color varies from pale to dark yellow. Yellow Sapphire brings prosperity in the life of the wearer. Financial status of the wearer gets improved and he/she is bestowed with immense wealth, fame, honour, good health, name and success.

This gemstone is considered to be auspicious as it brings prosperity and peace in the life of the wearer. It keeps evil spirits at bay and helps student achieve success in their academic fields. Imbalances in relations are corrected and obstacles are removed from marriage. It also serves an ideal wedding ring as per Indian traditions. Mental and physical strength and longevity of life is increased with the help of a pure natural Pukhraj. It promotes religious related activities and marital bliss. There are many healing/curative powers of Pukhraj. It proves effective for throat infection, jaundice, protects the lungs, liver, blood circulation, skin troubles, cerebral congestion etc.

Yellow Sapphire reenergises the emotional system as it is a very effervescent gemstone. Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the energy distribution centre and the chakra of relationships, is also activated by this gemstone. Before buying a gemstone it is pretty essential to check for its authenticity. Buy Yellow Sapphire stone online from Brahma Gems, one of the best authentic dealers of gemstones in Delhi NCR region.

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