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Benefits Of The Black Goji Berry

There still remains a secret for the Far East that the black goji berry is surrounded with mystery. If we talk about Asia, then the normal health ingredients of goji berry and the goji berry juice is known for the years. Currently, the berries are widely excepted in the west as it is used for the benefit of using the goji juice as a part of the medicine. One of the respected world renowned herbalist and nutritionist Dr Mindell, he put a lot of effort in researching about the benefits and goji berry and as the result, he found that the goji really affects our life. Mentioned below are some of the health benefits that Dr Mindell found out during his research.

  1. Antioxidants: The level of antioxidants in the goji berry have been measured very high compared to other fruit. The antioxidants are very much responsible for the removal of the free radical from the entire body prior to the damage of anybody cell takes place. A recent study has found out that the berries help to cure the cancer cell into their healthy state and thus results in preventing cancer.
  2. Chi balance: The Chi balance is also known as the kidney balance.  The goji products are some of the popular herbs that are believed to restore the balance of chi in the body. Dizziness and headache are the results of the chi deficiency. Therefore, it is clear that having goji juice concentrate will relief from the symptoms of insomnia, low energy and anxiety.
  3. Vision: As we know that the carrot contains high quantity of the beta carotene which is very much helpful for our vision. But the real fact is that the goji berry contains a higher concentration of the beta carotene even compared to the carrots. During the ancient times, the berries were used to improve the vision in both the dark and the light condition.
  4. Diet control: The goji juice is a very helpful addition for the controlled and the balanced diet, and this is only due to the wide spectrum of the nutritional content. In Asia, a controlled experiment was carried out where it was found that there are certain cells that convert glucose into the form of energy rather than depositing as a fat.

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