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Being the gemstone of Venus, Opal brings happiness and love in the life of the wearer. This gemstone is slightly translucent. Benefits of Opal are innumerable. By the combination of water and silica, this gemstone was formed hundreds of years ago in cracks and spaces. Opal is the national gemstone of Australia and is available in variety of colors, but the most common ones are white, grey, pink, olive brown, black and slate. It represents zodiac sign Libra and is most commonly used in birthstone jewellery.

Opal derived its name from 3 words of three different languages. They include Greek word Opalliois, Latin word Opalus and Sanskrit word Upala. They all mean precious. It is not necessary that all the gemstones on this Earth are suitable for anyone and everyone. Therefore, only after recommendation by an astrologer, one should wear this gemstone.

Opal gemstone enhances happiness and joy in marital life. If you are going through a tuff phase in your love or marital life, wearing an Opal may benefit you immensely. White opal reenergises and boosts metabolism. It also gives therapeutic benefits and helps in healing various eye diseases. It is also believed that opal gemstone balances the right and left hemisphere of the brain, thus, benefitting patients with neuro-instability. Several problems related to bone marrow, spleen, pancreas, reproductive organs and eyes are believed to be cured by this gemstone. Opal offers satisfaction and serenity to the wearer, boosts decision making ability and relieves tension from the life of the wearer. It is also said that black opal acts like a lucky charm to the wearer. It also bestows beauty and power upon the individuals related to fashion industry. If you wish to buy Australian Opal online, contact Brahma Gems, one of the largest dealers of certified gemstones in Delhi.

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