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Bed linen in straw design – A touch of holiday

Take a break from stressful everyday life and experience the connection with nature in your own 4 walls: The realistic print of these bed linen gives the feeling of holiday on the farm. This makes it easy for the imagination to lie in the straw in the straw, and to count the clouds.

The bed linen in Strohoptik  is timeless and provides the unique pattern for a cozy and inviting living room. The eye-catching design is supplemented by lovingly designed details: small mice, ladybugs, daisies, buttons or similar surprises can be found. This gives the laundry a fairly realistic touch. The straw design of the background and the fine details have been applied in a high-quality printing process.

The bed linen fits perfectly for design lovers who appreciate exclusivity or to individualists who are looking for the extraordinary.
It is also ideal for operators of small pensions and agricultural tourism. This can leave a lasting impression with the guests.
The bed linen in Strohoptik is also an original gift idea for young and old. The design looks young and a bit cheeky.

High quality linens in Strohoptik - perfect in the bedroom

High quality bed linen  in flexible dimensions

The bed linen is available in different sizes, so that all common ceiling and pillow sizes are covered. Coverings are available in the sizes 1.35 x 2.00 m, 1.35 x 2.20 m and 1.35 x 2.40 m. For the same length the width of 2.20 m is also available (dimensions: 2.20 x 2 m, 2.20 x 2.20 m and 2.20 x 2.40 m). Cushion covers are available in seven different sizes.

The smaller formats are particularly suitable for children who often use smaller cushions and blankets. Whether they come to sleep or rather, Käferchen count on the ceiling, must be tested in individual cases.
The covers with extremely large dimensions are intended for double beds, in which two people share the bedspread. This makes the experience in the fictional straw even more romantic! Ceilings in a particularly long version are intended for large people who also use appropriate dimensions in the mattress.

Our bed linen is made in a tailor-made in Poland, in which the highest quality requirements apply. That makes every bed linen  unique. In addition, this allows individual production according to your variable requirements – please inform them when ordering.

Straw bedding in detail.  Perfect design right down to the last seam

Bed linen in straw design  – certified quality at the highest level

Our body is enveloped every night over many hours of bed linen. Due to the direct skin contact with the bed linen, a pleasant and soft texture of the textiles is particularly important. Cotton has these properties and is also sweat-absorbing. And it is breathable. The temperature-compensating effect ensures that the bedding feels pleasantly cool in summer and has a warming function in winter.

In addition to high comfort, the high-quality cotton is awarded the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate “Textile Trust” by an independent institute. This seal is only awarded in a strict test procedure if all components used meet the required criteria. These include, in addition to the upper material, seams, zippers and the print.
This process excludes harmful substances.
Due to the highest requirements, bed linen in Strohoptik is  also suitable for sensitive skin.


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