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Anti Cancer Medicines Suppliers, Manufacturers and Dealers in India

The company began in 2005 with Anti-cancer Wholesale Medicine Distribution. Today our company is fastest growing Anti-Cancer Medicine Suppliers in Gujarat, India. We are having excellent setup and man power to serve the cancer institute/Hospitals/Retailers & Patient also.

We can source products for our patient from all major International Company (Original Branded) and Indian Company (Generic / Indian Branded). As we are to clinical accomplishment, we are equally committed to patient support, which is a guiding principle at P.V.Pharma.

We guarantee that our anti cancer products are 100% genuine. We will supply from the same lot or batch to maintain consistent efficacy. All our products are from the reputed manufactures or brands. We always buy our products directly from the authorized source of the company.

Freight : We are able to propose you any way of shipment, by road and air. If it is needed we can supply you with the necessary documentation – AWB Copy.

Packaging : All our products are packaged using specialized German Patented Technology. This technology guarantees a consistent temperature of 2 and 8 degree Celsius is maintained during transit for a period of 120 hours (5 days).

Price : We do not publish our price list because each day the prices are changing. So, we can provide you the newest/latest prices in a timely manner- the day you contact us.

Expiry dates :At least 12 months, however, if you specify your minimum date requirements at the time of placing the order and we will do our best endeavour to comply with your specifications.

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