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4 Reasons To Play Golf

The impression many people have about golf is simply hilarious. There are those who think that those who play the Golf tournaments are members of some secret club while there are those who can swear that you wouldn’t be allowed into the game if you weren’t rich. While everyone has a right to their opinion, this is very far from the truth.

This a game like any other game where people meet and play a game that leaves them revived. Whether or not it is elitist will depend on where you stand as you look at the game. It is just like buying an air ticket; you can decide to go first class or economy. It all depends on your means. It will therefore be unfair to say a plane is elitist. Now you know that the opinion you had of this gentleman’s game was not really right. If you are still wondering why you should join this game, then find below some valid reasons.

Meet those rare connections

The public golf course is a great place to make some rare connections. The people who go to golf courses are from different works of life. Some are business people, others are company executives while others are your daily you and me. While the play, there are no names flying around and people tend to bond easily. If you are one of those who are hoping to broaden their network, then playing this game and often will help bring you in contact with some relevant individuals. That is when you will know that getting that dream job is more than being performing. It is also about who you know.

When you will learn Golf by a goof and effective learner so without any doubt you will be able to get a great result in the Golf tournaments.

Burn some calories

Golf seems like a lazy game where people walk around. However, you will be burning some calories as you walk around the course and carry your bags with you. The calories you loss as you play will not be insignificant and you can find yourself keeping fit as you go along.

Play with your partner

There are not so many games where you can get to play with your loved one. In golf, this can happen. You and your partner can take up the game and you will be surprised at how this will help strengthen your relationship.

Something different from browsing

We have all become too dependent on our handsets and other IT gadgets that it has become difficult to imagine life without them. However, you will realise that life will still go on and even better when you decide to keep this gadgets for a day and go for a game. It gives you something different to think about other than social media and work emails, you will definitely feel better inside out after you game.

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